WCIBC Crown2 WCIBC Crown2 Peter & Bryan with members and winners

The club has installed a public access defibrilator on the pavilion outer wall.

Funding for the defibrilator was donated by Wckersley Womens' Institute and the housing cabinet was supplied by "Start a Heart 24/7", a Rotherham based charity.

The club would like to express thanks to both these organisations.  






To open the cabinet door you will need an access code. For security reasons this code is not on the website. It is posted up on the pavilion notice board.

The emergency services have the code and will give this when 999 is called.


The location is Wickersley CI Bowling Club, postcode S66 1EG.


The club will be running short training sessions on how to use a defibrillator. We would urge all members to attend. Our aim is to have at least two members from all our league teams familiar with its use.


The cabinet should show a green light. If the light is off or red please let a committee member know.


Below are links to a user guide and some training videos on what to do if someone suffers a heart attack.

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